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New Zealand Only: Thanks for registering as an artist with the Phonic Posse. The cost to you is a one off nzd$40.00 fee to upload your profile details and pictures onto our site and data base. You will receive a distinct Phonic Posse Tee shirt for  members only. Other apparel can be purchased through our shop. We rely on our reputation so need to ensure that you meet our standards and requirements as a musician and artist, so the process will be as follows.

1) You complete the artist registration form

2) We will contact you, check you out and once we are satisfied, you send us your profile and pic's for us to upload.

3) You then become live online and we start marketing you along with other members of the posse.

We will build gigs, and if you are suitable will get you involved with other performers to put on a show.


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We will try and orgamise gigs as closeto you as possible.
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